Performance Evaluation Summary Methven LTD

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Established in 1886, Methven Limited (Methven) is a New Zealand (NZ) based limited company and is the countries longest serving and largest supplier of showerheads, faucets and hot water valves.  Methven was first listed on the NZ Stock Exchange in 1936, only to be delisted at the start of the Second World War.  Methven has currently been listed since 2004.  Methven has international holdings and distribution chains throughout Australia, the United Kingdom (UK) and the USA, as well as a procurement office in China, and employ more than 260 staff worldwide.

Methven’s state of the art production plant is located in Auckland, New Zealand where they employ 70 staff.  The company is recognised for its cutting edge design, environmental-mindedness and world leading innovation, and is honoured regularly with both domestic and international awards. (Methven Limited, N.D)

This report is a performance evaluation summary making comparisons and comments based on annual finances dated 2009 – 2011.

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