Brand Strategy – Healthy Home Solutions

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Executive Summary

Healthy Home Solutions (HHS) is a not-for-profit online service brand with elements of differentiation in the marketplace that will lead to competitive advantage. Key points of difference that HHS offers are:

  • Personalised non-biased information resource.
  • Home and environment inspection tool.
  • Innovative service using mobile technology via a smartphone application (app).
  • Facilitates awareness and solutions to smarter, sustainable living.

New Zealand’s current housing standards fall below the levels recommended by the World Health Organisation in 43% of nationwide dwellings. HHS’ primary target market comprises of 1,164,300 homes throughout New Zealand with a secondary market of 577, 100 homes as well as home renovations and new builds.

Mission objection is to create awareness and promote the health and comfort benefits of living in a warmer, healthier smarter and energy efficient home, for long-term sustainable living. HHS will achieve this goal by obtaining government funding and forming strategic partnerships with related industry and non-industry organisations.

By planning and implementing an effective promotional mix and nationwide advertising campaigns, combined with leveraging established communication channels (industry partners), HHS has the opportunity to reach a wide and extensive consumer audience.

HHS will be launched in May 2013, following an 11 month planning and research process, with a significant commitment to communications, networking and organisation. Financial support will come by way of a government grant for the initial planning year, sponsorship for year 2, and a combination of sponsorship and generated revenue for year 3 and onwards.

With a combination of a personalised free and un-biased information resource, New Zealanders have the opportunity to seek the knowledge and direction required to provide themselves and family with a warm, dry and healthy home living environment.

Healthy Home Solutions = Warmer, Healthier, Smarter Living.

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