Target Market Analysis – Vans, New Zealand

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1.0 Introduction

Vans are the original skate shoe and have been leading the action sports industry in the US since the late 1960’s.  With product expansion, innovation, sponsorship and heavy involvement in youth culture, Vans has become a global footwear and apparel brand, while still keeping their classic heritage alive.  Never losing sight of who they are and what they represent.

Vans is however not the industry leader in New Zealand as it is in the US.  The perception of Vans in New Zealand is of a quality high-end shoe, but a has been in lifestyle fashion.

The reason for this polar difference in consumer perception of Vans in the US compared to New Zealand is the distinct lack of an integrated marketing strategy targeted to the New Zealand market.

This paper is the first in a series of three, focusing on re-positioning the Vans brand in New Zealand.

In this first report we will be analyzing Vans target market in the New Zealand footwear and apparel industry.  We will be developing an understanding of Vans target audience in order to better aid us in developing an effective marketing strategy for the Vans brand in New Zealand.

Before that however I will introduce you to Vans and outline the company’s history.  We will then take a look at Vans as an international brand and discuss the key elements that attribute to why Vans has become an industry leader in the US as well as becoming a global brand.

From there we will look at Vans in the New Zealand market and make comparisons with the US and global brand, as well as analyzing Vans target audience in New Zealand.

To finish this report we will be looking at preliminary recommendations in developing an integrated marketing campaign.  We will identify effective media channels to be used in achieving our marketing objectives and create a clear positioning statement for the Vans brand, with the objective of re-positioning Vans as the industry leader in action sports and youth lifestyle fashion in New Zealand.

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