eBusiness Proposal – MallMateNZ

“The Future of Shopping”

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Shopping at malls is a fantastic way of concentrating shopping efforts to one convenient location, saving the time and effort required to drive around town searching for the required store and finding a car park.

Shopping malls are usually open 7 days a week and for longer hours than stand alone stores.

Generally with hundreds of specialty stores to choose from, dining options, banking and supermarkets, mall shopping has changed the way that we balance shopping time into our increasingly busy lives.

Many cities have multiple options as far as which malls to shop in with malls being located in most major suburbs.  This enables shoppers to frequent a number of different malls depending on where they live and work and their regular travel habits.

The most frustrating thing however with shopping in malls is navigation.  And locating, then navigating the mall directory is not always as easy as it should be.  Finding the one store that you are looking for without having to search every level, remembering which entrance you entered the mall by or tracking down your car when you’re in a hurry to get home are just a few common dilemmas faced by todays busy mall shoppers.

This is where MallMateNZ comes in.  MallMateNZ will solve the daily frustrations of mall shoppers while providing a targeted, low cost channel of advertising for stores.

MallMateNZ is a mobile application (app) made with shoppers at heart but with advertisers in mind.  The perfect shopping companion.

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