Marketing Strategy – Workiz Boots

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Executive Summary

The protective footwear industry in New Zealand has a growing demand for innovated new products that satisfy consumer needs and comply with NZ safety standards.

In this report you will find an overview of a new brand of protective footwear, ‘WORKIZ’.

During the development stages of the marketing campaign we researched and analysed the target audience, market dimensions and industry competitors as well as the distribution and marketing channels.

With innovative new technology, we have created a work boot of the highest quality, comfort, hygiene and protection, designed specifically for the hardest working industries.

With more than 20 competitors in the protective footwear market, WORKIZ brings a new product into a well-established market, competing with many known brands.  However with the combination of unique materials and superior construction, as well as offering the option customised business branding, WORKIZ boots will lead the market.

The protective footwear market in New Zealand is worth almost $60 million per year and is expected to grow by over 10% by 2015.  With an aggressive penetration pricing strategy we expect to gain a 7% market share in the first trading year.

By distributing through established trade suppliers and safety stores we are ensuring that WORKIZ boots will be readily available to our target market.

Our marketing strategy is focused on promoting the WORKIZ brand in a professional and appealing manner. From our target market analysis we have identified the most effective media channels to be; point of sale advertising, online, print media, word of mouth and radio.

WORKIZ boots are targeted to a specific niche market that may not identify with the Crocs brand image.  For this reason Crocs branding has not been incorporated into the WORKIZ marketing strategy.

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