Marketing Campaign – Prevu

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Executive Summary

This marketing campaign is focused primarily on growing Prevu’s customer base in the South Pacific Region, including New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, building the company towards becoming a global distributor of rich-media content (interactive digital online media – full motion video, still image video, 360˚ virtual tours). The campaign will achieve this by delivering two key campaign objectives.

  • Grow Prevu’s brand and service awareness within the target audience to >90%.
  • Increase Prevu’s customer base from 300 to 600 accommodation properties throughout the South Pacific Region.

With the integration of multiple media channels; print advertising, direct marketing, personal selling and online marketing, incorporating creative elements focused on building brand and service awareness and informing of Prevu’s unique service benefits, the campaign will deliver key marketing messages.

  • We fill hotels… We will improve your online presence, sell your unique selling points and deliver customers directly to your online doorstep.
  • We store, manage and distribute your compelling rich-media to the worldwide travel industry, all from one central location.
  • We will maximise the sales impact of your listings and your own website, improve your sales conversions and take the pain out of managing your rich-media content, quickly, easily, reliably and economically.

According to my own calculations there are approximately 6,937 accommodation properties in the South Pacific Region (See workings in section 4.1.b), valued at a potential $8,518,875 per year (See appendix 1 for workings) to the rich-media content distribution market. The four month campaign is expected to generate $444,400 in revenue (See appendix 10 to view workings) and cost an estimated $42,000 to conduct, representing 9.5% of the total campaign revenue.

With no commercial competition in the South Pacific Region and a unique service offering, Prevu are positioned to significantly grow their customer base in this region, allowing for further expansion into the Asian market and an aggressive entry into the European market. This will lay the platform for Prevu to reach the heights that they desire in becoming a global distributor of rich-media content while maintaining their dominance as the leading distributor for the Asia Pacific region.

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