Marketing Campaign – Simply Bistro

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Executive Summary

This marketing campaign focuses on successfully launching the ‘Simply Bistro’ restaurant brand into the Taupo market, as well as developing the ‘Simple but Nice’ personal brand of owner/chef, Jude Messenger.

The ‘Simply Bistro’ concept is of a 50-60 seat, local’s eatery, modelled in the style of a Kiwi inspired French bistro. The restaurant will offer simple affordable meals made from the freshest local produce, showcased on a regularly changing menu, with no dish being priced at more than $30.

The key objective of this marketing campaign is:

  • To be serving an average of 55 diners per night at an average spend of $60 per person by the end of the campaign.

With the integration of multiple media channels; online space, print advertising, outdoors advertising, direct advertising and radio advertising, incorporating creative elements focused on building a buzz and creating awareness of the new restaurant, the campaign will deliver two key marketing messages:

  • Serving you fresh, quality, well-executed, simple food at a price that you can afford. ‘Simple but Nice’
  • Jude Messenger, your local chef, new restaurant, new food, ‘Simple but Nice’

‘Simply Bistro’s target market consists of approximately 20,812 local Taupo diners, valued at approximately $14,984,640 per year. This four month marketing campaign is expected to generate $259,200 in revenue and cost an estimated $13,986 to conduct, representing a 5.4% cost of marketing.

With a combination of Jude’s profile and experience and smart marketing, ‘Simply Bistro’ could quickly become Taupo’s destination restaurant with national recognition, ‘Simple but Nice’.

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