eBusiness Strategy – MallMateNZ

“The future of shopping”

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Executive Summary

MallMateNZ is a smartphone application (app) initially available to iPhone and Android users, designed to make shopping in New Zealand’s major shopping malls, easier, more efficient less frustrating and ultimately more fun.  MallMateNZ will solve the daily frustrations of mall shoppers while providing a targeted, low cost channel of advertising for shopping mall stores.

MallMateNZ is a feature rich app aimed at helping shoppers to navigate shopping malls and quickly locate stores and services of interest.  MallMateNZ includes interactive features designed to enhance the shopping experience:

  • ‘Mall Locator’ – ‘Car Park Locator’ – ‘Entrance Locator’ – ‘Mall Search’ – ‘Maps’ – ‘My Location’ – ‘My Favourites’

MallMateNZ services shopping mall stores by providing a platform for stores to market directly to an engaged and active target audience, with:

  • ‘My Coupons’ – ‘Advertising’

MallMateNZ is targeted to a fast growing group of mall shoppers living in the Auckland, Waikato, Manawatu, Wellington and Canterbury areas who use smartphones.  This group is estimated to be approximately 240,000 consumers, and growing.

There are currently no smartphone apps available on the New Zealand market offering as comprehensive a feature set as MallMateNZ.  Having identified an opportunity in the market MallMateNZ could be developed and available to the market in as little as six months.

The total capital investment we would be seeking is $130,000.  This investment will secure the total setup costs of the project as well as the first three months of operational costs.

MallMateNZ is a mobile application made with shoppers at heart but with advertisers in mind.  The perfect shopping companion.

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