Marketing Communications Strategy – Vans New Zealand

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Executive Summary

Vans ‘Off The Wall’ is a marketing communications strategy focussed on repositioning the Vans brand as New Zealand’s industry leader in action sports and lifestyle fashion, bringing Vans inline with their US brand positioning.

The ‘Vans Off The Wall’ campaign will achieve this over a 5 year period by setting key short-term campaign objectives, starting with three 12 month objectives.

  •  Increasing brand awareness in the target audience by 16% in order to create 100% brand awareness of Vans footwear and apparel amongst their target audience.
  • Re-positioning Vans to come into line with the US market positioning.
  • Increasing Vans footwear sales by 15% to bring total sales up to the current level of Nike.

The campaign will integrate multiple media channels; online, mobile, print, retail stores and sponsorship, with creative elements aimed at engaging the target audience while delivering four key campaign messages.

  • The original action sports brand and leader in lifestyle fashion.
  • Supporter of youth culture, music, action sports and lifestyle.
  • 40 plus year heritage of authenticity, originality, self-expression and non-conformity.
  • Leading brand with action sports athletes, enthusiasts and followers.

The Vans ‘Off The Wall’ marketing campaign will progress through stages, with each individual creative element aimed at engaging the target audience in specific ways.  Starting with building brand awareness, then engaging the target audience and reminding them of the brand benefits.  As well as encouraging product trial, growing Vans brand throughout the action sports and music industry’s, and developing the Vans culture amongst New Zealand’s youth.

Vans currently display no real direction or focus with regards to marketing their brand in New Zealand.  By developing an integrated marketing communications strategy Vans will deliver clear and concise campaign messages, while building a more intimate relationship with it’s target audience and ultimately achieve it’s long-term objective of becoming New Zealand’s industry leader in action sports and lifestyle fashion.

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