International Marketing Investigation nUAEz

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The purpose of this report is to research and investigate the potential for marketing overseas, our New Zealand (NZ) high end tourism products and services.  We are looking at identifying the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a market to enter.  We are evaluating this alternative, amongst others, to see if it presents as the best opportunity for our firm, nUAEz.  We will also provide strategic recommendations on how to proceed further to take advantage of this opportunity

Our firm specialises in adding value to commodity primary products, or creates new products that could appeal to niche markets overseas by exploiting the NZ country of origin effect.

Ravi Bhat, Lecturer of International Marketing at UNITEC, Auckland, NZ, has requested this report on adding value to a NZ product/service and exploring the potential of marketing to an international market. As with all of our marketing efforts, the emphasis is not about just being another “me too” company.  We have chosen the high end tourism products and services of NZ Tourism and are adapting it to the Islam/Muslim requirements of UAE, after exploring other options.

Our company is nUAEz – a combination of the initials NZ & UAE.  The Tourism industry is all about relationships and we want to provide a strong connection between NZ, providing a safe haven, and UAE, a nation that needs safety and security, and attention to their specific religious and cultural requirements when travelling.  The UAE citizens also are the most liberal of the Middle East.  NZ has proven to be one of the safest nations in the world, so is an ideal destination for tourists from UAE.

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