Creative Brief – Vans New Zealand

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  • Vans is a leading, global action sports and lifestyle brand, but is not leading the way in the New Zealand market.
  • Based on our learning’s in an analysis of Vans target market we will present an integrated marketing campaign, aimed at re-positioning Vans as the industry leader in action sports and youth lifestyle fashion in New Zealand.
  • Adopting Vans already well established slogan ‘Off The Wall’ we will build a multi-tiered campaign, diving into the action sports, music and youth scenes, while building an interactive relationship with our target audience.

We will re-define the role of a lifestyle fashion brand in New Zealand’s youth culture


Brief Outline

The Nuts & Bolts – The reason we are here..

  • Positioning:  How are Vans perceived in the NZ market v US market?
  • Target Audience:  Who are they and how do they think? What are they influenced by?
  • Objectives:  What do we want to achieve?

The Way Forward – How we get to where we want to be..

  • Message:  What we want to say to our target audience, the campaign tone and feeling.
  • Campaign:  What – Where – How will we reach the target audience? Potential issues.
  • Integration & Timeline:  The way that we bring everything together, and when we do what.