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Established in 1992 as ‘Seeing is Believing’, Prevu is an Auckland based media company specialising in the management and distribution of video, 360˚ virtual tours and e-brochures (rich-media) to third-party travel websites throughout Asia Pacific and the USA. Prevu is the world’s leading expert in online presentation, positioning and promotion of accommodation properties, and is recognised as Asia Pacific’s number one distributer of rich-media for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

This paper is a conceptual marketing campaign focused primarily on growing Prevu’s customer base in the South Pacific Region, with the ultimate goal of building the company towards becoming a global distributor of rich-media content.

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MyLottoMobile is a smartphone application designed to make Lotto’s ‘MyLotto’ experience available to consumers on the go. Consumers today are demanding convenience and mobility. Service brands must take steps to meet these demands

This paper identifies and assess the attractiveness of an opportunity in the market and outlines a marketing plan for a new mobile service.

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Healthy Home Solutions

In New Zealand there are estimated to be around 750,000 homes with insufficient ceiling and underfloor insulation with many more homes being inadequately heated and ventilated (EECA, N.D). ‘Healthy Home Solutions’ objective is to help homeowners to rectify this overwhelming problem.

My latest paper is a consumer-based brand analysis of a conceptual not-for-profit online service brand, part one of a two part series of papers. The second paper (the Brand Strategy) will be up here in a few weeks time.

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